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The major cave for vertical caving

These cave is major cave for vertical caving. When you goes into each cave, an administrator's or land owner's permission or notification is necessary.
Be careful when you goes to caving , it need the sufficient knowledge and the vertical technology ability

NameTown or cityPrefectureDepthNote
Sugawatari doIwaizumi-tyoIwateAbout 60m
Kaerimizu no tateanaMito-tyoYamaguchi103m
Nishiyama no tateanaSyuho-tyoYamaguchi145m
Mumyou anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchi100mmany rock fall
Tsubaki anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchi88m
Eto anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchiMore than 57m
Akiyoshi takaga anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchiMore than 55m
Akindo no anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchiMore than 30m
Fusen no anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchiAbout 57m
Kaze anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchi100m
Okazaki no anaSyuho-tyoYamaguchi100m
Komuso anaKita-kyusyu cityFukuoka98m
Ninjinkubo daiichidoKita-kyusyu cityFukuoka62m
Ninjinkubo dainidoKita-kyusyu cityFukuoka30m
Yakubo no anaKita-kyusyu cityFukuoka30m

Note : Depth value is only vertical section. When caves connected to horizontal cave , it value smaller than cave depth.

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