Cave Rescue Training

in Akiyoshi-dai Yamaguchi pref.

This practice course had two purpose. First purpose is preparation of Cave Rescue course of 26th Speleological Society of Japan Conference. Second purpose train to instructor for cave rescue course. We use techniques of Speleo Secours Francais.
This course participant was 10 person , it was member of Edogawa Caving Club , Kameido Caving Club , Kyorin University Field Aventure Club , Speleo Extremer , and Speleological Survey Group of Yamaguchi University.

Transport on steep slope.
The stretcher held ascender
and pully. The stretcher
belayed by counterweight
sysytem , it use ascender ,
pulley and static rope.
In case of precarious floor or slope,
a stretcher must carry on tyrolean bridge.
LeftFSometimes , tyrolean bridge have deviation.
Under:The stretcher hang on tyrolean bridge by
7mm diameter cords , karabinners and pulleys.
7mm cord is tied to karabinner by Clove hitch
and Italian hitch

Upper:He prepare hauling rig for 6m pits.
Strong anchors made by three points shared anchor.
Hauling anchor point apply heavy load.
Right:Hauling up stretcher. It use counterweight
system. Most upper position is regulator. She
control hauling speed and direction.

Under:Simple stretcher balancing system
This techniques can transfer the
stretcher from vertical position
to horizontal position.
Left:Work of pit head.
The stretcher haul until pit head.And so
the stretcher draw in safety zone.

Left:The stretcher lift up tyrolian bridge by
7mm cord.
Upper:The stretcher move to horizontal.
In case of the stretcher on the
tyrolian , it can easy , safety
and speedy move.
Left:They carry a stretcher over big rock
and deep crack zone.
Under:They change tyrolian of the stretcher.

photo : GOTO Satoshi , ISHIHARA Yoshiro